Our Team

Our team

Our multidisciplinary, multilingual team at Destination USA Consulting comes from a variety of academic specialties and cultures specially selected to help you and your family achieve your American dream.

Natalia S. Trubnikov

Building on extensive experience at the International Monetary Fund, US-Ukraine Foundation, and US-Ukraine Business Council, Natalia founded and leads Destination USA Consulting.

She is proficient in six languages (Russian, Ukrainian, French, English, Spanish, and Japanese) and draws on her own immigrant experience to create a welcoming environment where clients’ needs are understood and aspirations can be achieved.

Lyudmyla Scheuchenzuber

Lyudmyla is a highly experienced Russian and Ukrainian native-speaking educator with more than 10 years of proven success working with both children and adults to develop comprehensive strategies in overcoming language and cultural barriers. Organized and resourceful, and informed by her experience immigrating to America, Lyudmyla’s technical and academic capabilities are an asset to clients looking to successfully integrate into America’s linguistic and corporate cultures.

Guo Yang

Having completed her Masters in Finance from Johns Hopkins University after studying at the Minzu University of China, Guo brings a history of accomplishment in both countries to our Destination USA Consulting team. She has contributed to the success of organizations such as BMW (China) and the Bank of Chongqing. Her abilities in asset management, financial modeling, and quantitative based strategy benefit individuals and businesses alike. In addition, Guo is able to draw on her personal experience emigrating from China to the US for higher education to help clients in similar situations find creative methods of achieving their academic and financial goals.

Daniel W. Stoker

Daniel is an American education specialist. Fluent in Arabic, he also has extensive experience addressing the unique challenges of recent immigrants and their children from a variety of national backgrounds. Daniel has previously contributed his talents towards the Cairo Review of Global Affairs in Cairo, Egypt, the Project on Middle East Democracy, the Middle East Institute and the Atlantic Council.

Benjamin Dean

Fluent in Arabic and Spanish, Benjamin has lived in Jordan, Israel, and Argentina and has interned with both the US State Department and the US Senate. At the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development in Amman, Jordan, Benjamin liaised with the Ministry office and private NGO’s, translated official documents and helped to develop programs for underprivileged Jordanian youth.

Darios Kamgaing

Darios is the CEO of SCI sports management company. He is a certified SCI Contract Advisor and represents professional football/Soccer players as well as a number of athletes from other sports.
As a leader of a global team of FIFA agents, marketers and advisors, Darios has an extensive network of football team personnel contacts across all professional levels. He leverages this network to create opportunities for his clients/members. A very skilled contract negotiator , He serves the best interest of his clients and members.
With more than 20 years of sports business experience, Darios has developed innovative marketing and communication strategies for a wide range of clients worldwide in sports properties, media personalities, national and international brands and more.
He has negotiated sponsorships, endorsements, appearances, memorabilia, licensing and various revenue share agreements that have let him to successfully secure a variety of international and national deals.
As a FIFA agent , Darios believes that each successful football contract negotiation should be paired with a robust pipeline of local and national marketing and communication deals.
Over the years, He has grown to be an expert in the field of sports social media. When professional athletes are having issues with social media many of them turn to Darios for innovative solutions to their problems.
He is also the founder of Coulisses Magazine Group, a sports media company, and the owner of CCIA an innovative company in IT and communication. As a graduated in IT, Darios’s team has built countless cutting-edge websites for professional athletes. He has been one of the first Investigative Journalist to used data for online athlete marketing.

Joseph Cunningham

Joseph has built an impressive academic career that includes teaching English in Changzhou, China and developing an introductory curriculum for Chinese language and culture for American grades 1-6. He has assisted dozens of students in increasing their standardized testing scores and constructing resumes and cover letters. Joseph has lived in China, Egypt, Chile, Russia and Europe and speaks Mandarin Chinese and Arabic.

Cristoforo A. Balzano

A decorated 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force Auxiliary who received the Exceptional Service Award two years in a row, Cristoforo received his Master of Law in European Legal Practice (LL.M.Eur.) and contributed to teams at the White House and the US Department of State in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is fluent in English, Italian, Portuguese, and German, speaks basic Spanish, and is learning Lithuanian and Slovakian.

Carl R. Gierisch

Carl received his Bachelors degree in Linguistics where he also was the recipient of several prominent awards recognizing academic excellence. He is also the President & owner of a tax consulting service that assists clients in issues relating to budgeting, payroll and taxes for business. Carl speaks both Japanese and Cambodian (Khmer) and has taught English classes to international students.

Jon Rodeback

Jon is an accomplished wordsmith with more than 20 years of experience as a professional editor and writer, including 12 years of editing policy papers on Capitol Hill. With his assistance, hundreds of professionals, including many with PhDs, have improved their writing. He particularly excels in helping nonnative English speakers to develop their writing and speaking skills.

He has studied in Russia and Denmark and traveled extensively in Europe. Jon speaks Danish and Russian and holds a Master’s Degree in Military History and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Russian.

Amanda Lund

Amanda is a licensed social worker who specializes in displaced populations. Having received her Master’s Degree in Social Work, she is an enthusiastic and compassionate resource for refugees and other underserved groups seeking entry into the United States. Her diligent oversight and passion exemplify our firm’s commitment to treating clients with dignity and respect. She oversees our team of volunteers who work with refugees.

Grace Harrington

Building on her impressive academic credentials in both Business and Middle East Studies, Grace has provided integral support for business and academic teams. She speaks Spanish, French, Arabic and American Sign Language, and has studied at the University of Jordan/Hebrew University.

Xiao (Cecilia) Zhong

Drawing on her extensive experience as a high-level financial analyst and consultant, Cecilia directs our Asian Regional team. Previously, she provided analysis for Blue Ocean Global Wealth in Washington, DC as well as large financial firms in both China and Hong Kong. After graduating Cum Laude from Guangdong University in China, Cecilia received her Master’s in Finance from Johns Hopkins University.

Jordan Hess

Jordan has worked in the US Senate lending expertise specifically in matters of education, social and welfare policy. He is an experienced political consultant and lobbyist and has counseled numerous clients at both the state and federal levels. Jordan has lived with the nomadic Samburu people of Kenya and done additional work analyzing news events in Kenya, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. He has also lived in Germany and speaks Portuguese and German.

Natalie W. Romeri-Lewis

With graduate degrees in both International Development and Law and additional study at both Suzhou University in China and Oxford University, Natalie brings expert legal insight to bear on behalf of our clients. A proven mentor, legal advocate and educator, she is available to provide personalized analysis to clients in a safe and confidential environment. Natalie has lived in Belgium, Brazil, China, England, Honduras, and Venezuela.

Marcio Silveira

Marcio is the founder of Pavlov Financial Planning. He is also a founding member of XY Planning Network, a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Investors’ Business Daily, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and Advisor IQ. He loves serving motivated and energetic clients who are committed to achieving their financial independence.

In addition to holding Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations, Marcio is also a subject matter expert with the CFP Board for exam question writing and review. His interest in the impact of human behavior on financial planning led to his completion of the Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance Program at Harvard University in 2013 and the FPA Residency Program in 2012. Locally, he volunteers his planning expertise with Our Daily Bread of Fairfax County, VA and contributes financial planning knowledge through the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Blog.

Prior to starting Pavlov Financial Planning, Marcio held leadership positions as a financial analyst and advisor. Marcio holds a bachelor degree in Economics from the Institute of Economics at The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and an MBA in Financial Economics from The Coppead School of Business. In his free time Marcio is a world traveler and also a reading and language enthusiast. He currently lives in Washington DC area with his wife and two children.

Nicole M. Christensen

Nicole utilizes more than a decade of proven experience in the diplomatic, non-profit and for-profit sectors to increase Destination America's digital and community presence and to liaise with community partners in business, academia, embassies and non-profit organizations to maximize their organizations' human resource potential. Fusing strong creativity and metric-driven strategy, she develops key drivers to maximize Destination America's reach. Fluent in French, Nicole brings international experience, cultural sensitivity, and a keen understanding of clients’ needs to her development of brand strategy.

Kat Bartschi

Performance enhancement Life Coach Kat Bartschi has mastered cutting-edge techniques in energy healing, psychic training, and goal-setting to inspire and enable clients to successfully identify and pursue the paths to their greatest personal success and happiness. By transforming ordinary thinking into quantum thinking, in an accountable and supportive environment, clients develop new road maps to success via new habits and learned skills. Kat assists clients in the enlightening and invigorating process of self-discovery. Through customized one-on-one coaching sessions, she walks clients through their “psychic blockages,” helps them to better understand themselves, and overcome self-sabotaging habits in order to realize their ultimate goals.

Sokcheata B. Gierisch

Born to Cambodian parents in a refugee camp in Thailand in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia, Sokcheata immigrated with her family to the United States. There she assisted her parents through the transition from life in Cambodia to America, from interpreting simple directions to answering complex questions on immigration. This encouraged her to pursue a career in social services. She graduated from college debt-free and turned her experience into a consultancy to help other students achieve the same. Currently, she works for the Waterford Research Institute in advocacy for early literacy.

Matt Fischer

Matt is a social entrepreneur, consultant and brand strategist who has founded several successful companies. One of his prominent successes is Data Illustrate, a service to design info-graphics, motions graphics, and short films that can be easily spread in social media. Using cutting-edge technology, he has produced marketing and business deliverables for companies as diverse as an airline, a medical practice, a private school and a deck improvement company. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Matt is passionate about helping others identify and pursue their own business goals.

Marc Jorgensen

Marc has lived or worked in 30 countries and is a proven consultant who brings extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, Presidential campaigns, startups, and nonprofits. He has significantly contributed to the success of the $500,000 “Brazil Initiative” at George Washington University. He has also coached international students in entering the American job market and making cultural adaptations to life in the US. Marc speaks both Portuguese and Spanish.

Nadiya Vasylivna Ananieva

From working in schools in Cherkasy, Ukraine all the way to Santa Rosa, California Nadiya has always had the zeal and desire to teach English, build the bridges of understanding among nations and develop dialogue of cultures. For her personal contribution in teaching English, developing international cooperation and bringing up the younger generation she has received the awards ``Teaching Excellence Award (TEA)``, ``Honored Teacher of Ukraine``, the Order of Princess Olha.
She worked out the foundations of multilingual and multicultural education and established a multilingual Ukrainian school. She has a PhD in Pedagogy. She is known for her contribution into the International School Partnership Program (Santa Rosa High School, CA; Fort Atkinson High School, WI; Hodgson High School, UK). Nadiya provides the expertise and know-how to help organizations improve and widen their language programs; develop international cooperation; encourage individuals to learn English and get new valuable experience.

Calvin Shell

Calvin is the CEO at Data Illustrate, a data visualization company. He has experience working in various industries helping companies with their technological needs, providing them with the solutions to do their work with ease. He specializes in web design, project management and data journalism.