Destination USA empowers our clients, enhances their performance, removes barriers that are holding them back, and connect them to mentors and stakeholders of the industry of their greatest interest. We bring out the greatest skills, abilities, and potential in those who desire to come to the US before and after their arrival here. We explore every possible angle for our clients to legally relocate to the US.

We offer a wide range of services that we customize for each of our clients.

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How We Can Help

Immigration and Legal Services

We explore every possible angle for our clients to relocate legally to the US.

Employment Placement

We work closely with our clients to place them on the career paths that will achieve their goals, whether more fulfilling employment, increased income, making a difference in the world, or leading a more balanced life.

Career and Language Institute (CLI)

We help our clients maximize potential and integrate into American society.

University Admissions Coaching

We guide our clients through every step of the process from selecting the schools that best match their needs to preparing for the college entrance exam and submitting applications to the selected schools.

Wealth Creation and Advanced Performance Institute

Through our WCAP program, we empower clients to identify and remove any mental barriers holding them back, unlock leadership abilities in them, and connect to mentors and stakeholders in their chosen industry.

Company Creation Services

We help entrepreneurs and business owners get established and position themselves to succeed in the US economy.

Relocation Services

Destination USA handles the logistics of moving internationally, allowing our clients to focus on their family, job, and education.

Destination Services

We help our clients make a smooth transition to their new life in the United States.

Translation and Interpretation

We provide certified translation of all required documents and arrange for interpretation as needed.

Financial Advising

Destination USA Consulting is offers our clients one-on-one assistance with personal finance and integration into the US financial system.