Destination Services


As guided by the initial needs assessment, we help our clients make a smooth transition to their new home in the United States. Many of these services will begin before the client enters the US.

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Housing Rental/Purchase

  • Coordinate the entire process of searching for a house or apartment
  • Assist with lease negotiations
  • Financial consulting
  • Coaching throughout the process of purchasing or renting an apartment, condo, or house

Child Education and Care

  • Consulting on available options: child care centers, pre-schools, elementary, middle school, and high school
  • English instruction and other tutoring
  • Representing your interests in the school of your choice
  • Assistance with school applications and entrance exams
  • Resources for selecting nannies, au pairs, and local babysitters


In most of the United States, a driver’s license and a car are essential. In some cities, it is possible to live comfortably without a car. In New York City and Washington, DC, owning a car may be unnecessary.

Healthcare Consulting

The US has a complex healthcare system that includes government, non-profit, and for-profit medical facilities. We help our clients navigate the healthcare system to obtain the care they need. This includes:

  • Finding the health insurance plan that best meets the needs of you and your family
  • Identifying community resources for assistance with special health needs
  • Assistance researching local hospitals and doctors to meet your needs

Fitness Consulting

  • Identify fitness lifestyle options (sports and gyms) to that fit the client’s goals and budget.
  • Driver’s License.
    We help clients understand and go through the process of obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Purchasing a Car.
    We also assist in purchasing a car by helping our clients identify their needs, desires, and budget.
  • Public Transportation.
    Each city’s public transportation system is different. We familiarize our clients with their public transportation options and how to use them.
  • Personal Driver Services.
    For an additional fee, we can provide personal driver services.


  • Opening Bank Accounts.
    We assist our clients in choosing a bank and opening checking and savings accounts.
  • Credit Cards.
    We also help our clients apply for credit cards.


US residents pay a variety of taxes to federal, state and local governments. We help our clients understand these taxes and what they must do to pay them, including:

  • Registering with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Filing and paying personal income taxes.