Employment Placement


We work closely with our clients to place them on the career paths that will achieve their goals, which may include more fulfilling employment, increased income, making a difference in the world, or leading a more balanced life.

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  • Assessment of Interests, Strengths, Skills, and Goals.
    We extensively interview clients to identify their personal interests, strengths, skills, education, work experience, and ultimate goals.
  • Determination of Career Path.
    Through the interview and assessment, we help each client choose a career path as determined by the client’s true desires, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Resume Preparation.
    Using information gathered in the interview and additional information emailed by the client, we create a resume tailored to the client’s career path.
  • Employment Action Plan.
    Based on the interview and resume, we and the client develop a detailed final action plan that is realistic and fits the desired career path. For example, we may recommend the client start with a work-study program, summer program, or even a degree program prior to seeking employment in the chosen profession.
  • Work Visa Referral.
    If a work visa is appropriate, we identify the most appropriate companies and organizations from our comprehensive list of the H1B-sponsoring companies and organizations in the chosen profession. We make a list of the top five, ranked in order of the client’s preferences. If interviews with the first five result in negative responses, we review the process, interview the company’s decision makers to discover the reasons, and adjust accordingly for the next five companies.
  • Job Interview Coaching.
    We coach the client for the interviews, customizing our approach for every company. When possible, we provide the names and bios of those interviewing and any other helpful details about them. We also conduct mock interviews in the style of the company or organization with whom they are interviewing. As part of the coaching, we provide a list of possible interview questions and discuss the answers together. After an interview, we review the interview with the client and prepare thank you cards for each of the interviewees.
  • Networking with Potential Employers.
    During this process, we will also be networking with the companies’ stakeholders and informally lobbying for the client’s interests there.