Immigration and Legal Services


We explore every possible angle for our clients to relocate legally to the US. We walk our clients through each step of the visa process to ensure everything is done correctly, to anticipate and avoid problems before they happen, and to minimize the delays in obtaining a visa.

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  • Visa Eligibility Analysis.Our visa experts are familiar with the dozens of types of US visas and will identify which types of visa would be best for each client.
  • Immigration Paperwork.
    We help the client complete the visa application form, identify financial and supporting documents that the client needs to collect, and submit their complete application to the correct US government agency.
  • Coaching for Interviews.
    We prepare each client for their interview at the US Embassy or Consulate. This includes mock interviews via Skype or in person, ensuring that the client has everything (e.g., appointment letter, passport, two color photographs, and the required documents) for the interview.
  • Translation of Documents.
    As needed, we provided certified translation of documents needed to obtain a visa.
  • Legal Assistance.
    Destination USA Consulting can provide a list of immigration law firms to assist in complex immigration cases.


Check out our partners at They provide high-quality legal expertise, resources and support to ordinary people who may have limited resources.