Relocation Services


Moving to a new home is often difficult and stressful. Moving to a new country can be even more difficult. Destination USA can take a lot of the stress out of an international move, allowing our clients to focus on their family, job, and education.

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Pre-Arrival Assistance

All Destination USA clients will receive a comprehensive housing needs assessment. Taking this and the client’s budget and personal preferences into consideration, a step-by-step plan will be developed to assist the client in securing their most desirable housing situation. This may include assistance with housing applications and other logistical considerations.

Needs Assessment

We begin with a thorough needs assessment. Who and what needs to go where? When does this need to happen and are there any limitations?

Moving Budget.

We help the client budget for the move and choose the optimum conditions of the move, balancing cost, time, and difficulty.


We will assist our clients identify and, as appropriate, obtain the documents they will need to live, attend school, and work in the United States, such as driver’s license, consular card, Social Security card, medical and dental records, and academic records and diplomas.

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As part of the initial assessment, the client completes a housing questionnaire, which will guide the search for a new home. We also provide guidance in negotiating the lease or purchase of a home. Additional housing services may include finding temporary accommodations and retaining the services of a real estate agent and/or lawyer as needed.


  • Designing travel arrangements to fit your schedule, comfort level, and budget
  • Assistance with travel insurance
  • Understanding US customs and border procedures


For the actual move, we:

  • Coordinate shipment of personal items from luggage to entire estates
  • Arrange for pet relocation

Post-Arrival Assistance

After the client has moved to their new home, we help them adjust to their new home and neighborhood.