We are here to help, but don’t take our word for it. Read the excerpts below of what others have to say about us.

I was very lucky to have a reassuring, highly dedicated and professional team supporting me and provide me generously with all the great opportunities, connections, and solutions that are perfectly tailored and customized to my qualifications and desires.

I did not feel like I was dealing with a company, more of great friends who work around the hour just to make sure the immigration process go smoothly and with no surprises. I am taking this opportunity to convey my greatest appreciation for the efforts USA Destination gave to help me and my husband fulfill our dreams and start over a new and fresh journey in the USA.

Natalia has the connections, the kindness, the professionalism and a very comforting and encouraging nature that makes things HAPPEN.

I sincerely thank you for all the help you provided me. Not one email was left unanswered, not one call was ignored. And I am very thankful for all the patience and persistence the team had to literally hold on to us and take our hands as we take the first step to a great path that awaits us.

– Ghiya R.

I was impressed with Natalia’s resourcefulness and ability to think outside the box to fix some complex problems during my family’s move to the US. Her assistance made it possible for me to focus on work, and let all the details fall into place. And she made me and my daughters feel like home.

– Hoseung

I had trouble fitting in new office environment while working here. And after the coaching sessions, I quickly became quite popular and well-loved there. I’m still in the same office and have been able to become quite successful despite initial trust issues.

– S

I am a mother of four young children. The landlord decided to sell the house quickly, and we had ten days to find another house. Landlords kept rejecting our housing application because of our foreign background. Destination USA Consulting did wonders for us. They found a way for us to assure the US landlord to trust us and to lease us a beautiful apartment, with a swimming pool and other wonderful amenities. I was so impressed that they got on the phone and spoke to them directly, and then they spoke to us to help us bridge this gap of understanding, while also finding us beautiful housing options that we couldn’t even think of, within days. We will always be thankful for this!

– Dorine

With the civil war growing worse in my country, I looked into moving with my family to the US. I was amazed at the variety of options Destination USA Consulting showed me. I am reassured that with each of them, they will be right there by our side and will be our advocates and mentors, whichever path we take!

– Sasha

While working full-time here on a working visa, I wanted to also study at one prestigious university here. Coming from another country, I found English to be very different, even after many years of studies. The President of Destination USA Consulting worked with me one-on-one to help me successfully go through the admission process. I was impressed with her professionalism and understanding of the nuances in the admission process and how these decision makers think. We used the appropriate language throughout my application that set me apart from many other applicants. Their editing and sense of the language was impeccable, and since then I often turned to them for help in preparing other important written documents for me. They have also coached me during my career transition within an organization, and provided valuable advice on settling in my wife and children here. Their assistance with finding the most appropriate caretaker for us was very helpful. We had no idea how much there is to weigh in and to know prior to selecting the right school and care takers for the children. There are so many nuances here in this country! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Jesung

I was a doctor in my country and didn’t know where to start when I came to America. Destination USA Consulting took me by the hand and helped me to get back into the medical field. I enjoyed their coaching sessions. They helped me do well in interviews and get into this competitive industry. They are now helping my son find jobs in economics at international organizations. He has already found their consulting sessions to be extremely helpful.

– Olena

I had spent a lot of money on lawyers who still didn’t give me satisfying answers about opportunities here. Destination USA Consulting has shown me an entirely different perspective and new ways to stay and work legally in this amazing country for many years to come. Their ideas were refreshing and empowering to me. I appreciated all the attention and care they provided me even in such a short time.

– Ivan

My son was feeling lost and depressed, having trouble adjusting to American culture, especially after a failed marriage in this country that shattered his self-confidence. Destination USA Consulting gave him new hope. The coaching sessions and his resume makeover enabled him present himself as a skilled professional worth hiring, and he now has a great job in marketing, and is gaining experience in leadership at an international company. He is now the boy I always knew, and it’s a miracle that he has again found his own best self.

– L.S.

I was to be evicted in a week, and Destination USA Consulting have found me numerous places to live despite my unusual immigration background. They continue mentoring me and my older children to become more successful. This has been a wonderful journey with them.

– Grizelda